The Top 15 USA National Parks to Visit in Fall

Grand Canyon, one of the best national parks to visit in fall in America

Fall is an unbeatable season for exploring America’s vast network of awe-inspiring national parks. Why not visit when summer crowds are long gone, wildlife is abundant, and the weather is generally about as pleasant as it could be? Whether you want to gaze at autumn foliage, peer into active volcanoes, or kayak with alligators, the …

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Spiritual Places in the US You Can’t Miss

Hsi Lai Temple, one of the most spiritual places in the US

When it comes to places to seek religious wisdom, the United States is not typically the first one that comes to mind. Some might think of Jerusalem, with its rich religious heritage and diversity of faiths. Others may think of  India and its multitude of temples and other sacred places dotting the landscape. Yet others …

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